the kitchen and tableware resulted from wanting to make  functional ware that i wanted to hold and use myself. something that looked good on a dresser and felt great to handle. it took many experiments to find the right forms – the mugs, cups, bowls, dishes, jugs and teapots are in constant use in my kitchen and are being 'road tested' and finely tuned as I throw each new batch of pieces. 

the 3/4 glazed pieces reveal the toasty stoneware clay which I mix myself from a regular stoneware body plus a bit of terracotta. I love the way this results in the 'toasting' of the clay – as the silky smooth glaze and raw pot fuse in the kiln, some magic occurs, tingeing the body with a warm rich blush.

With small changes in the amounts of colouring oxide the glazes will vary from 'cloud grey' to 'duck egg blue' 'eau de nil' or 'teal'.

the fruity pieces are fun to make - drawing the fine lines of the fruit and leaves with a slip trailer and painting on the glazes.

the pieces can (and often do!) go in the dishwasher but if you want to retain the shiny, silky surface you may prefer to wash them by hand.