public commissions

Hesperides - a hanging sculpture

This was a competitive commission. Judy's proposal was chosen out of 30 applications to create an artwork as part of The Witham Hall's redevelopment. The piece takes inspiration from Henry Witham’s interest in botany and fossils.

The tiles are made from porcelain paper clay and fired to 1180°C. They are impressed with plants on both sides so that the sculpture can be viewed from any angle. All the plants were collected from local trees, meadows and hedgerows.

The name “Hesperides” comes from greek mythology. The Hesperides were nymphs who tended a beautiful garden at the far edge of the world. Traditionally there were three of them, echoing the three circles of tiles and the three main components of the piece: porcelain, stainless steel and copper.

courtyard - pioneering care centre

A commission to create interest in a new courtyard being constructed at the Pioneering Care Centre in Newton Aycliffe.

outdoor learning space - east herrington primary school

Collaborating with 2 other practitioners; Josie Stewart and Steve Brown, this Creative Partnerships project transformed a derelict playground at East Herrington Primary school in Sunderland into a dynamic learning space. As well as tiles depicting dragons, mandalas and planters the ceramic elements included a large floor piece. All elements including a dragon encircling the fence, a stage / seating area, dreamcatchers and hand dyed silk flags were all designed and created with the pupils.

floor piece - chilton primary school and surestart centre

This floor piece was placed at the entrance of a new combined primary school and SureStart centre.